Retraining How you think about food to actually  un-hypnotize your old habits and beliefs.

Imagine Now, you are at home at the end of the day, you are tired and not really ready for bed yet..

You turn on your favorite Netflix show and begin to feel really lethargic…

You are watching people living their dreams in the show and noticing around you that nothing in your life is nowhere near what you would like to experience or remotely close to what you are watching.

How boring is your life!?

Some instant gratification would feel good about now and you go to the kitchen to pick up a “few” snacks..

even though you really know you aren’t really that hungry at all…but it taste so good and distracts you temporarily from the same old same old…

Can you get on the scale the next day and you’re 2 pounds heavier and your jeans are fitting tighter and your clothes are getting looser and bigger so that you can hide what is happening underneath!!!

Sounds familiar? What if you could just fantasize being that fit trim healthy vibrant self? What would that look like how would your life change? What would you really be doing if you had your dream? If you weighed the perfect size now what kind of clothes would you be wearing? What colors would you be wearing? What would people be saying to you as you see yourself strutting threw the crowd of friends or at a Holiday work event?

Instead Of that old same scenario…Create a Movie in your mind Now.

See  What You would be seeing, What would you actually be doing if you already were the person you could image now?

Weight Loss HypnosisWeight Loss Hypnosis

Weight Loss without cravings

Would you even think about that extra slice of Pizza if you were in your tiny bikini?

I bet you wouldn’t even crave anything remotely unhealthy or filling..

This is how hypnosis works…

The Nervous system already Knows how to feel good, A Great Hypnosis Program will help you get there.

Remember the time that you were last totally confident…I bet over-eating was the last thing on your mind…

Give yourself a true break and begin to rewrite the story of how you want your life to go…the rest is easy.


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