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Actress using Hypnosis

Larry From West Los Angeles Gets Results using Hypnosis

Listen to Kendra From Los Angeles share her fun feelings about Hypnosis and how she even Quit Smoking!

“My life has changed for the better....” | Confidence Program

“I came to Carmela six weeks ago a college teen stuck in a shell. She taught me how to let go of all the insecurities and anxieties that had created a wall of shyness around me. I now have the confidence to speak up and participate in class and I am not afraid to answer. I actually participate in my friends invitation to go out to the mall instead of staying in my room. My life has changed for the better and is continuing to change. All the Thx to Carmela . Thank You Carmela!”

Vittoria From Glendale Ca. 3-5-18

“I was extremely pleased with the outcomes” | Stress Release Program

“After Mind Flow Hypnosis, everything shifted” | Stress Release Program

“It's very, very good” | Stress Release Program

Eagle Rock (Los Angeles), CA

“I haven't smoked a cigarette in a week” | Quit Smoking Program

From Long Beach, CA

“I got my life back!” | Stress Release Program

I am much more hopeful...

I suffered from depression and anxiety for many years. I sought the help of MFH to retrain my brain. To think more positively. Since my first session, I now feel much MORE CONFIDENT and MOTIVATED. I am much more hopeful about the future and more relaxed in my everyday life. I really appreciate the wonderful words of advice to keep my life moving in a great direction. Thank you!

-J- photographer

“Hypnosis feels great!”
Stress Release Program

“It helped with my fear for the future”
Stress Release Program

“I feel more motivated”
Stress Release Program

“No longer get migraines”
Pain Management Program

“I have seen improvements in all areas of my life”
Stress Release Program

"I am confident" | Smoking Cessation

"After 20+ years of smoking cigarettes and countless attempts at quitting , after my first session with MFH, I realized that smoking was just a choice and I choose to stop poisoning myself.I feel like I have turned off the switch that said I had to smoke and I am confident that I will leave it switched off and not smoke again."

- Gerald McG., Singer/Actor

“I feel like I broke through a lot of stuff that's been holding me back”
Stress Release Program

“It was great” | Weight Loss Program

Stress Release Program

“I got my life back!” | Weight Loss Program

I got my life back

Before Mind Flow Hypnosis I weighed 263lbs... I was upset and angry because I got to the point of having to use a walker and cane! The doctors said I needed knee surgery... with 2 small children I just couldn't take time off for recovery! Now nearly 3 years later I am fit at 138lbs and truly love my life!

- Stefanie G., Mom & Career Woman

“I loved the whole hypnosis process” | Stress Release Program

“Emotional, Freeing” | Stress Release Program

“What an amazing experience!”

With the economy going down my income my mortgage payments......I started drinking and doing drugs...

I tried to stop on my own... I did some research and came across Mind Flow. It sounded too GOOD to be TRUE! Amazing experience! I felt like my brain was smoking haha. It's like rewiring your brain to think about things differently, to see a different reality! It was my fear of the future...This technique definitely worked for me! I recommend this to anyone who has any issues in their life, like fear, relationship problems or addictions.

- Anonymous

"My first session Carmela took me on a journey that was quite unexpected."

She took me to places in my Mind that I thought I had forgotten that clearly effect my everyday life. I look forward to peeling back the layers and transformation...

- A.S.

"Carmela is one of my angels...thank you!!"

In writing I cannot express enough the freedom & joy I now experience wholeheartedly, for the first time in my life, after meeting with Carmela for some "Life Coach" sessions.

I find the words, but if you know me you would see the transformation and re-wiring of my mind that has taken place; AND no matter how hard I try to think my brain backwards to the old way of thinking and feeling...I JUST CAN'T!!!  It's such a positive enlightening change and it isn't a cult, it's not weird, it's simply gentle, happy and I feel pleasant to myself and it projects into others without effort...it's now the norm!  I love each new day!!! Psychologists, psychiatrists, meds, talking to friends to vent, talking at a social function about our life tribulations didn't clear my mind and make the next day better FOR GOOD! Carmela's coaching did.  It's been about 1 mo now and I can't even force my brain to think like it did because I just can't..."Out with the old, in with the new.

- Denise

"Thanks for your very helpful insights into my business."

Now I know what i need to do to market to my chosen clients and have a better idea how they think. Recommend your services to everyone!

- Marty

"Let me start by saying WOW!"

I never thought I would get anything out this experience, but let me be clear when I say that Carmela truly has a gift for helping you to heal yourself by utilizing her numerous gifts that bring you to a place (or take you to a place) of healing.

NLP, Regression, Jin Shin Jitsu, & Reiki are just a few of her talents and gifts, not to mention her magnetic and beautiful energy. An amazing woman who you NEED to see. Thanks Carmela for a truly one-of-a-kind experience into self exploration and healing.   God bless and God's speed you are a GIFT to this world!!

- Kevin A., Massage Therapist

Thank you for the wonderful gift of wisdom  and for "the lightbulb moment". I look forward to beginning the new year with all the tools you have to share!!! Thank you! Thank you!

- Stephanie G., Beverly Hills

"If I could give Carmela more than five stars I would."

I had my first session a few weeks ago and it was such an amazing and powerful experience. She is so amazing at what she does.

After just one visit I feel my life starting to head in a more positive and fulfilling direction. The advice and coaching I recieved helped me realize what I want and gave me the motivation to start making it happen for myself. She is an amazing AMAZING person and I would recommend this to any and everyone. I'll be very honest and say before I went for my session I thought "what is she really going to tell me that I don't already know?" "how can she help?" Let me tell you I ate my words. I can't wait for my next session. If I'm feeling this awesome after just one session, I can only imagine how I'm going to feel after the next few! Thank you Carmela!

- Teryn S., Beverly Hills Hairstylist

Working with Carmela is like having an amazingly talented, highly effective and resourceful best friend at your side!!

Working with Carmela is like having an amazingly talented, highly effective and resourceful best friend at your side!!  She will zero in on what is best for you and your problem (what you really want, which might be a few layers beyond what you think you need) and in a gentle and effective manner lead you to it.  We all know how life is about the right timing, the right person, the right place, right?  Well, Carmela has been an answer to my prayers and is leading me to realize my dreams.  I'm certain that whatever it is you want, Carmela can lead you to there too.  Huge, huge thanks and I so look forward to continuing this work together!

- Yvonne H.

"What an amazing experience!"

Carmela has a God given gift for connecting with people on level I didn't know existed.

All though I have only had one session I feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I loved this therapy approach because I didn't have to sit rehash old stuff for hours. Instead I learned to think a little differently and let things just be. I am so excited to move forward in my life with Carmela by my side.

- Jennifer J., Manager

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