Corporate Speaking

Carmela Tunzi also offers corporate speaking and private classes in addition to her pro bono talks. You can reach her by phone at (323) 258-6516.

From Fears to Peers!


Perception-eering is the ability to think critically, knowing what information to discard or to accept. Which ultimately determines your mental and physical health and quality of life.



We are now offering personal coaching! See what client has to say!

MFH Consulting and Coaching is a thorough and smart way to work on ethics and passion. They have been extremely helpful and dedicated to boost my creativity, putting at rest and at peace a difficult past, and opening the way to a fulfilling and successful life inspiring others. I would highly recommend MFH whose unequaled competence will help many people in search of peace, well-being and success.

Marie-Ange Faugerolas
Los Angeles Writer