Mind Flow Programs

Hypnosis is really about changing your mind

After your visit to Mind Flow Hypnosis, things aren’t going to seem drastically different, but they are going to seem intuitively easier. You’ll be able to mark your improvement by achieving clear goals that you were unable to attain before hypnosis.

If you want to know whether or not hypnosis is for you, call us for a free screening.
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With a screening, you’ll know if hypnosis can help you like the many clients we’ve helped through common issues such as:

Weight Loss

It’s not about a diet, it’s about changing the way you think about food and about eating. You’ll make healthier choices, eat less, and eliminate bad habits that have been “automatic” prior to your sessions.

Smoking Cessation

No patch is as powerful as your mind when it comes to stopping your smoking habit. Give up buying cigarettes and end cravings. After your sessions at Mind Flow Hypnosis, the end result is that you’ll be able to sit with other smokers and have no desire to smoke.


Trusting yourself, seeing your potential, realizing how much self-worth, self-love, and self-esteem you have sets you on the road to greater successes. After your sessions, you’ll realize all the things you CAN do – and can do it right now.

Stress Release

Feeling weighed down and distracted by stress? Let hypnosis help relax and refocus your life. After your sessions with Mind Flow, you’ll feel rekindled and ready to take back your life.

Anger Management

Are you blowing up, saying things you regret, or lashing out in ways that last long after the instant of fury is over? Anger always comes second. You’ll see what the root of your anger is and use techniques to create a positive outcome after your sessions.

Pain Management

Hypnosis can generate positive results for a wide variety of pain and discomfort. Everything from replacing anesthesia to getting more energy from fibromyalgia patients. Hypnosis can be a powerful ally in managing your current pain level and achieving results that were impossible to consider prior to your session at Mind Flow Hypnosis.


Do you find it difficult to take action on that long list of “want to’s” or “need to’s?” After your sessions you’ll notice that you do have time, energy, and drive to take on things that have been waiting for you previously.

Sports Performance

One of the best kept secrets in modern sports, whether professional or intramural, is hypnosis. Have you ever gotten in a slump? Or realized that your internal narrative is constantly telling you what is “not going to happen,” instead of helping you achieve your objectives? After your sessions at Mind Flow Hypnosis, you’ll have a peaceful place to make split decisions from in the heat of any game.

Public Speaking

Often public speaking or stage fright conjures images of sweaty palms, cracking voices, and forgotten lines. After your sessions, you’ll be able to focus on the message you want to deliver, meet your audience head on with confidence, and feel comfortable while doing so. You won’t pause for a second when you have the opportunity to speak. Instead, you’ll step up and embrace the experience instead of avoiding it.

All Fears

A sense of paralysis can be addressed by having your hypnotist take away the gut-wrenching, heart-pounding, and body-crippling fears that have haunted you for a day or for a lifetime. If the thought of open places, germs, spiders, snakes, darkness, loneliness, elevators, or any other fear prevents you from fulfilling your daily goals, come to Mind Flow Hypnosis. After your sessions, you’ll find that you are comfortable in situations that used to scare you.