What if 4 days could change your life? Would you make the time?

So many people are caught up in distraction and not living their true purpose. Or they are struggling to cope with personalities and relationships so much that their own life suffers. They perpetually repeat the same patterns wondering why things never change. Why is this? A skewed perception.

How do you gain the right perception? How do you see the truth within yourself?

You need feedback. An outside voice to guide you. A roadmap to follow. This is “Perceptioneering…

  • Better direction and success in career
  • Less stress, more calm and enjoyment of life…

Perception-eering Will Teach You…

  • 5 principles of success Imagination induced results
  • Perception-eering logic structure
  • 7 reality filters
  • 5 representation types
  • 5 ways body is influenced by thought..
  • Perception-eering value operatives
  • Components of sustainable change
  • Ultimate training guide..
  • Secrets of life change experience
  • Sight reading communication
  • Sin of assumption
  • Verbal and non-verbal value alignment
  • 4 ways to lead your client
  • 5 conditional safeguards
  • Goal direction
  • 4 instant behavior transformers
  • Priority success sequence
  • Identifying false perceptions

Scott McFall

Scott Mcfall -Teacher Trainer International Mentor to Mentors will be leading us thru this amazing Training!!

Here is what some People say coming out of training….

“These four days with Scott have been an outstanding learning experience. I highly recommend this training to you.” – Dot Feldman, LCSW, MBA

“I can’t believe how much I learned, and it was fun. Any one day of this seminar is worth the entire cost.” – Mary E. Holmes, Los Angeles, California

“I discovered that a lot of things are rooted out of fear and I’m able to take some tools and skills on how to focus on that… I would recommend this to anybody… Everybody should be doing this” – Esperanza Evans, California

“Everything is covered, completely. He gives intense personal attention to each student. Worth considerably more than the price.” – William Palmer III, Texas “I went to improve one area of my life and I left improving 5 or 6 areas! It was fun and I wish I could do this kind of training more often.” – Cristy Franco

“This course was the best I ever attended. I learned a new way of communication I can use in my office and personal life. Thank you just doesn’t seem enough.” – Bonnie Tyson

Admission Price & Requirements

Attendees are required to call (323) 258-6516 to see if this training is a good fit.

At the Door Cost of training at the Door is $977

We are currently offering an early bird rate..$677