The short answer is Yes.

…And there are 3 types of people that would find this more challenging. We get calls on occasion that say they don’t speak English Very well….

or They come in saying I love smoking but my my spouse doesn’t like it…
or I have a Severe medical condition like schizophrenia…

Well those are the 3 challenges

1– Person is not fluent in the native tongue of Hypnotist
( unless the hypnotist speaks the language fluently)

Understanding the language is essential to being guided. 

Make sure you are comfortable and in raport with the hypnotist. (we offer a 30 minute consultation just to ensure the client is suggestable and is able to follow direction.)

2– Someone who has not decided for themselves. We can’t make anyone stop or change anything against their will..

It start with your decision We can’t make anyone do anything against their will. Sometimes Clients will add they really don’t want to stop, they consider the Smoking or the cigarette a friend in this case we really want to question the sincerity and the timing. They can always return when they have really decided.

In the consultation we decide together the type of Stop smoking plan they need. Sometimes Stress is a factor we don’t want to ignore so we customize the program length of session based on the individual needs.

3– Severe Mental Illness might trigger psychosis, always ask your medical professional if there is any question or concerns…

Regardless of your concerns make sure to schedule a Free consultation and Hypnosis Suggestibility test!

Individual results vary.

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